My Tesla Drove Me 70 Miles Today on Autopilot!

By October 15, 2015 Blog No Comments


Every news station is covering this — Tesla sent a free download today that gave autopilot capabilities to their cars.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and wanted to share my wonderful experience.

After my morning meetings, I got on the freeway, pointed my car toward the mountains, and engaged Autopilot.  My car took over with its barrage of sensors (sonar, cameras, radar, and GPS).

  • It reads the roadway ahead.
  • It follows the car in front of you and paces its speed.
  • It reads and understands speed limit signs.
  • It changes lanes for you when you touch the turn signal.

Other authors have described it as “scary” and “creepy”.  I couldn’t disagree more.  It’s thrilling yet calming.

I went 70 miles and gained 3,000 feet of elevation up sweeping mountain roads.  The only surprise was when I was in the right lane on the freeway, the car took the next exit by itself, following the righthand line!

Today was busier than I’d like, so I can’t wait to spend more time in the car.  Ask questions and I will experiment more tomorrow and answer your questions!

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