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I Thought I Knew Tesla… Tonight’s Model X Reveal Blew Me Away

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I study technology companies and Tesla is among my favorites, but I wasn’t prepared for how spectacular the Model X is.


First of all, all of the regular analysts and publications got it wrong.  Even Bloomberg, tonight, after the reveal, published an article with an old concept photo.

The Model X is an SUV with record-setting safety, more than twice the performance of the former record holder.  Wow.

The Model X is an SUV with record-setting speed.  The P90D SUV accelerates 0-60 in 3.2 seconds — faster than a Ferrari Scuderia 16M!  Wow.

The Falcon Wing doors, though revealed in concept photos 2 years ago, are better than I imagined.  They offer better child seat access and better third row access than any other SUV or minivan made.  Further, they have sonar sensors built-in to alter their opening arc based on the height of your garage ceiling.  Wow.

The Model X has a biohazard button.  The air-filtered interior has air quality equivalent to a surgical operating room.  If there’s an anthrax attack, you want to be in this vehicle.

The windshield is a single piece of glass flowing far into the roof.  It’s like the wrap-around glass in a helicopter and makes every day driving more beautiful.

Capacity-wise, it can tow 5,000 pounds while hauling 7 passengers and all of their luggage in its two (front and back) trunks.

Accessory racks for SUVs are heavy and awkward.  I bought the highest rated one for my Range Rover, but needed help putting it on and taking it off, and if I wanted to get into the back, I had to remove a pin and unlock several levers.  Tesla is too good for this nonsense and designed their own.  Elon had a 10-year-old come up on stage and install their rack in 5 seconds!  Wow!

The Tesla Model X is a vehicle that has been thought through piece-by-piece and blows away anything out there.  My wife ordered one more than 2 years ago, so we’ll get one very soon.  The concept pictures had me thinking I might prefer a Range Rover for myself (they’re great, I’ve owned three) but the X just kicked its ass.

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